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How about you grant me a little serenity, and then maybe we'll talk. – God
i did try to be more aloof and colder.
but i think he just knew.
i was already wrapped around his finger.

i don't know what gave it away.
was it the star struck expression,
or the fact that i'd listen to every word he'd say?
I knew in the end she would do what she had to do. 

... I just never thought it would be my end she did it in. 
Tempers flared?  It could have been worse - they could have been wide-leg.
This broken escalator phenomenon called life.
All directed energy is a weapon.
Select the correct answer from the choices below.

The key to a successful relationship is:

a. Love.
b. Commitment.
c. Based on the AES-192 encryption standard or higher.
d. All of the above.

Most parties are gender reveal parties, eventually.
As if the economy itself isn't a gig.
Avoid those who attempt to establish dominance in relationships by diminishing the self-worth of others.  If they're not willing to commit to diminishing your self-worth exclusively, you need to move on.
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