Funny Quotes

By any ends necessary.
Today, as in the past, a successful career requires sacrifice.  And today, as in the past, there's usually a maiden and a volcano involved.
The statement 'A picture is worth a thousand words' is worth 0.007 of a picture.
When they take their clothes off, everyone's in drag.
Secret 21.7.  Get others to do unto other others what those other others would have those others do unto you.
If I do get what I want, should I still try some time to get what I need?
Any weapon is a biological weapon if it saves your life.
It's theorized that Robert Burns' famous phrase 'man's inhumanity to man' derives from an earlier expression by German philosopher Samuel von Pufendorf – who, with a name like that, would certainly have had firsthand knowledge of the subject.
Letter to My Younger Self. 

Dear younger self: That idea you had ten minutes ago to write a letter to your younger self was totally sappy.

I used to say 'This too shall pass.'
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