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It's all good, where 'it' ∈ {N | N = nonlethal}.
Everybody line up and form an ascending spiral. 
just logged onto witty since 5 years ago 😅
The difference between friends and computers: friends ask first if they can hang and crash.
I am partial to no vested interests.  Give me lingeried interests every time.
I've never quite been comfortable with the fact that lionesses raise the young and do all the hunting, while the lions lay around all day in the shade.

... I mean, shouldn't the lionesses be fanning the lions? 
You Go Girl
You go girl
Expression of approval
You're doing well
Fellow possessor of ovaries
You go girl
Empirico-metaphysical observation
You and your nails keep on moving
Through space, time, and Goddess knows what
You go girl
Requested action
Please take that attitude
Somewhere else honey
You go girl
Poetic sentiment
You decide to walk with mouth open
Bright color on your lips
As long as you're bowing, is there any reason not to scrape?
Oh what an encrypted file we create, when truth we endeavor to relate.

I'm sorry for leaving
I'm sorry with one foot out the door
I'm unapologetically sorry for everything
Maybe more than anything, sorry you love me

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