Funny Quotes

'Twas Thomas Edison did declare
That waste is worse than loss
Yet never thought it fit to pare
His first name to Tomás
There are more pills for that than there are thats for pills.
The honey stings, but the bee tastes sweet.
The phrase 'any number of people' also applies for quantities ≤ 0.
If I knew then what I know now, by now I probably wouldn't know it.
Having been drafted to draft an analysis on proposals to bring back the draft, I poured a glass of draft, shut the window to keep out the draft, and started working on the first draft.
Veni, vidi, vomens.  I came, I saw, I experienced severe nausea.

  I wasted so many years being miserable because
I assumed that was the only way to be.
I don't want to do that anymore

There are people who will pick your brain like they're picking a pimple.
Creaking is cracking with better branding.
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