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So basiclly it has been 1 million years since ive been on here. I was looking through all my old stuff as a teenager and it's crazy because it feels like it was just yesterday. Plus I was such a weirdo lol I still am, but I guess I just hide it a bit better now that Im older lol. I am having such nostalgia it's unreal. I hope eveyone who is still on here and active is doing well. I remember when it used to be so popular and people were posting quotes all the time. I miss this place a lot and I really wish it would make a come back. I think it would be really nice. Lets all try to bring it back lol. I know that no one is probably going to see this, but I guess I just want to document for myself so I can look back at it in another million years from now lol, or even the slight chance that someone will see this, I hope youre doing well. Im just sentamental person and sometimes it's hard for me to let go of the past. Ive been thinking a lot about the past recently so I guess thats why I decided to hop back on here for a minute.
I guess that's it. So uh BYE ;)
~Diana <3
9/12/21 @9:59pm
(From Gift Wrapped)

Radio Reporter: The recent blizzard has snowbound the mountain areas. The state highway patrol reports that all roads to the mountains may be closed for six weeks. 

Sylvester: Six weeks? I'll starve! 

[goes to the kitchen and opens the fridge, finding nothing but bird seed]

Sylvester: Bird seed...? 

Sylvester: [opens the cupboard, which has the same contents as the fridge] Seed? 

Tweety: Hey, putty tat! I found lots of food! 

[Sylvester runs excitedly to the pantry, only to discover that it is also stuffed with bird seed]

Tweety: We don't have to worry, putty. There's enough food for a long time. 

Sylvester: I'm a cat! I've gotta have cat food! 

Tweety: Aw, poor putty tat. We've got to find something for you to eat. Let's see, what do putty tats like to eat... 

Sylvester: Well, let's see, there's liver, and there's fish, and there's, uh... there's, uh... 

[stares menacingly at Tweety]

Tweety: And then there's what, putty? What else is there? 

Sylvester: Never mind, never mind. I got it solved. 

[runs to the kitchen]

-Merry Christmas my fellow Wittians!-

So i joined this website 10 years ago. It was my diary and a community where I felt so understood. I went here to vent out my middle school and early high school angst. It makes me sad it is no longer popular because I wish some other middle schooler could have the safe haven we all did here. I am laughing and feeling so nostalgic as I read all of my old quotes. I can remember all of those feelings so vividly. And at the time, it felt like life or death.

But now, I graduated college with a business degree. I have a great job. I am living in a city I never imagined I would be in. I have fantastic friends. I’ve seen the world. And I have a boyfriend…my first boyfriend, who I love. Pretty cool to come on here and see how far I have come and that everything has really come full circle. I hope all of you have made it in your own way too.

I rocked her world.  

She papered mine.

Welcome to Witty, doc. *evil laugh*
I didn't even know this website still existed. I haven't been on here in like 8 years so I'm surprised I remembered my password. Witty was the best back in the day and it's literally the reason I chose my career path. I'm sad it's not as popular as it once was; I hope it comes back to life eventually. It's so funny to see the stuff I posted on here when I was 12 lol. Maybe I'll start posting again :)
“You’re never going to make friends if you keep your nose buried in a book.”

“Let’s hope.”

Hold the ones you love close.  You never know if it's the last time you'll see them (especially after you hold them close).

January 19th is Prevent Plagiarism Day.  It's actually a different date, but I'm trying to prevent plagiarism.
Thinking about moving to the Equator so I can be upgraded to a tropical depression.
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