Gap Quotes

how to get a thigh gap
1. put a guys head between your legs

mermaids donā€™t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths

#This Lady Had a Thigh Gap lookin like Mike Wazoski . 
it makes me really upset when people say
"thigh gaps are ugly"
"skinny people are disgusting"
"why would you want to be skinny when you can have curves"

bc you know what?
im naturally skinny. i eat like a pig, and only do a few excerise hours a week. i have been on carb diets and stuff and nothing has helped me gain weight. my thigh gap is natural. its bc my hip bones are wide, making my thighs farther apart from each other. NOT because im too skinny. i was perfectly fine with my body, i liked it, i really did, but then when i read those three sentences up there, i have tried a lot to change my body.
if you have a curvy body, and you like it, please do not take down the ones who cant help having a smaller body type.
this is who i am.
and saying
"if you have a thigh gap, thats nasty."
is JUST as bad as saying
"if you don't have a thigh gap, thats nasty."
Giving up on love for a while
I just need something to fill the gap?

To lose someone you love
is to alter your life forever.
You don’t get over it because ‘it’ is the person you loved.
The pain stops, there are new people,
but the gap never closes.
How could it?
The particularness of someone
who mattered enough to grieve over
is not made anodyne by death.
This hole in my heart is in the shape of you
and no-one else can fit it.

Why would I want them to?


How to get a thigh gap:

1. Stand up

2. Spread your feet about 10-15 cm apart

3. There is now a gap inbetween your thighs
I'm gonna try&cut down on my eating,
and excersize like 50% of the day,
but i need you guy'es help!
Any tips? thank you.
We celebrate Jesus brutally dying on the cross by
getting a giant bunny rabbit to hide chocolate eggs.
I can't help but feel there is a massive gap of information somewhere.
old people have no idea how hard it is to live in this age
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