Girl Quotes

You Go Girl
You go girl
Expression of approval
You're doing well
Fellow possessor of ovaries
You go girl
Empirico-metaphysical observation
You and your nails keep on moving
Through space, time, and Goddess knows what
You go girl
Requested action
Please take that attitude
Somewhere else honey
You go girl
Poetic sentiment
You decide to walk with mouth open
Bright color on your lips

a whole new world
a new fantastic point of view

you lit the flame 
and you blinded me

you keep blowing smoke
till you fade to a silhouette
 you have hurricanes
inside of you

storms turn at your command



hey i heard you like the wild ones

i gotta stay high all the time
to keep you off my mind

something in you
lit up heaven in me

~ I'm slowly starting to realize I come to witty whenever something is wrong...My page is becoming so's not helping~

Canadian Babe❤ 11:20 PM
(My full-ish name), you are the girl i fell in love with through a screen on a childhood game at first i know you didn't believe me because you didn't think you would fall in love with a Canadian boy nearly across the continent. But ever since we started talking again i immediately realized that i was crazy for you madly in love and i would've told you sooner but i couldn't find the words to even form sentences when talking to you. When you asked for my number i literally freaked out because i was like no way is she actually asking me this. When we started talking through text i began to learn more about you and i fell more and more in love with you every second we talked. Frankly i was planning to ask you out like way before i did, but i had to know if you were okay having a long distance relationship and if you were in love with me or if you loved me at all. (my first name) you mean the world to me and im so happy that i met you because you make me smile everyday even though i seem mad a lot im usually smile even when im mad because i cant help but smile when im talking to the girl i love the most im the world❤️ Tu es mon monde. Personne ne peut jamais être aussi incroyable et je t'aime tellement pour ça❤️🔒(You are my world. No one can ever be this amazing and i love you so much for that)
Canadian Babe❤ 11:20 PM
its not as long as yours but its the best i can do with my french brain

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