Girl Quotes

for you i'd bleed myself dry


all my scars are open

She looked in the mirror and mumbled strings of thought together, however incoherent they might be. A frail, greying figure looked back, too young to have looked the way she did, and she knew it.

She saw the haunted look in her eyes, the veins etching themselves like tattoos under her skin. She saw a shell of her former self. They colorless body stood almost still in the mirror, the only movement coming from her chest when she breathed in shallow breaths, like the task had become too painful for her to bear.

The boy stood behind her, horrified.

"I am a shell," she spoke quietly.

The boy said nothing.

"I am afraid," she whispered again.

"Of what?" He questioned back. His voice was strong, clear, assertive. Her voice was raspy, weak, and monotone. 

"Myself," she stated in a bland tone before collpasing to the floor.

                                                  - Except of a book I'll never write

innocent girl 
saw an angel 

he was beautiful
she had never 
seen anything so


there came a time
where she left him
for another boy

he became lonely
rejected, abandoned

he felt like he didn’t
belong in this world 
that was once colourful

his soul had been 
torn apart by the 
girl that he once 
knew and had 
come to love.

but no more. 

       nothing could save him,

as the darkness ripped him 
apart; to pieces. 

the shadows had swallowed him whole.
if you're gonna let me down
let me down gently
don't pretend 
that you don't want me
our love
ain't water
under the bridge

you'll never find
peace of mind
until you listen
to your heart


let's play dot to dot
until our lips meet

ring the bells
that still can ring

forget your perfect offering
there is a crack in everything
that's how the light
gets in

Like a river, always running
I keep losing you

I hope that someday you find someone that gives you butterflies the moment you meet them. And that the first time you touch, it feels like electricity is running through your body. I hope that when you're with them, you never want to leave. I hope you are the first and last thing they think about every day. I hope you play it cool in front of people, but can't keep your hands off each other in private. I hope that when you give them you your heart, they don't break it. I hope that the things they tell you aren't just things you want to hear, but things they want to say. I hope that you fit in their arms better than the last piece of a puzzle, and that you always feel safe when they hold you. I hope that when you fight, you fight hard, but that when you love, you love harder. I hope that once you find them, you can't picture your life without them. I hope that they take your breath away. I hope that, together, you create happiness. I hope that with them, you're not afraid of the future, but excited for it. I hope that, every day, they tell you how much they love you. I hope that when you find them, you realize if before it's too late. I hope that you take them and love them and never let them go. I hope you find it.

-Lauren M. Smith

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