Goaway Quotes

If I'm too young for this, then why won't it go away when I show it my ID?

i wish this feeling of guilt , regret, emptiness, sadness goes away... it hurts ...
but i guess i deserve it for what i have put people through...:( 

The difference between your opinion and a banana...is that I asked...for...THE BANANA!

It takes an amazing amount of self control not to break
something precious of yours.
I finally felt happy without you. Then, you call me saying "I miss you". Like no, go destroy someone else's feelings.
Please go away now -_- like really.... this isn't cool...
Please go away now -_- like really.... this isn't cool...
Why must I feel this way?
Just make this go away!
Just one more peaceful day!
When you're sad, and you tell yourself to stay strong it kinda hurts even more.....

If you don't want to talk, don't start a conversation. I'm sick of being the reassurance that someone is here. I'm sick of you, I"m sick of being your diary. I wish you would return the favour.
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