Goaway Quotes

There's a
ü(king spider
in my
bed right
now... D:
why should I love someone that doesn't
 love me back?

why are my parents always like “go to bed.” i am in bed. im always in bed. you go to bed. stop talking to me.
it burns when I think of you.
your golden eyes, your smile, your laugh
it was all poison. it's killing me.
you're under my skin, in my veins.
you're in so deep that even when I close my eyes
I see your fxcking face.
People need to understand if you are in a library, you should be quiet.
I'm sorry. I thought having earbuds in and holding a book showed good enough that I don't want to be bothered, maybe next time I'll just wear a sign that says 'Fūck off.'
When you don't want anyone to know that you're sad, but you just end up falling apart because you were staying strong for so long ...
If I wanted to listen to a B-tch,
I would have bought my dog with me.

Stop telling me I don't understand what it's like. 

You have no clue how well I freaking understand.
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