Goaway Quotes

Do you know that awesome feeling,
when you finally understand math?
Me neither.

Ugh, Just leave me alone
aw, you wanna travel?
why not go to the bermuda triangle? (;

I know that the bridges that
I've burned along the way
have left me with these walls
and scars that won't go away.
And opening up has always
been the hardest thing

untiyou came.


He's mine, not yours.
Youre Breaking my Heart, Now be Gone. You Make me Not Able to Carry on in this so called life.
Even my f..ckin family talks sh..t about me. Its official nobody likes me.
Why did he have to text me the other day? My feelings were gone for him. I WAS completly over you and you text me?! I guess your not over me. I look through all of our pictures....and cry. Why did you have to  hurt me the way you did. It's killing me. My witty picture is us....a really old one too. My wallpaper and pictures of us together. I cant get you to leave compleatly can I? No matter what I do you come back, maybe I don't want you to come back! It kills me to see you, us.. I want you gone. I still love you and always will. Never will I loose feelings for you but i don't want you to stay in my life it hurts to see you go. 
''...these kids wont understand the real world."

dad im right here
i can hear your conversation
you think i dont
talk about my mom like that to my face
i dare you
Maybe just not today.

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