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 The feeling of joy when
you find out someone you strongly dislike
is absent from school.

*gets down on one knee*
will you go away

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If I have my headphones in,

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Whatever, b*tch. Have fun with your long distance hillbilly boyfriend.
My "long distance hillbilly boyfriend" means more to me than you ever will, so hahahaha i am having fun. jokes on you muthafcka.

Some people
are like clouds,
Once they go away, 
it's a beautiful day.

f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5

I literally wish
I could give a hug
To every single person who is in pain right now
Me: Wow. Gay marrige is legal in the UK. Way to go UK!
Dad: What? How can you  not be against that, I think it's disgusting
Me: Why would you think it's disgusting? They're normal people!
Dad: No they're not!
Me: Yes they are. If you were homosexual wouldn't you want to be treated like everyone else?
Dad: No
Me: Yes you would! You would fight for your rights!!
Dad: You know if God wanted gay couples he would make two men or two women, but no he made a man and a woman
Me: Only religious people believe in the story of Adam and Eve.
Dad: Sure
Me: I don't believe it, I think it's nonsense. We won't ever find out how all this was made!
Dad: I'm done talking to you, you probably belong to the gay side anyway
Dad: *walks out*

Wow well doesn't he just love me

                                               dont give me responsibilities when there's a computer near by

*gets down on one knee*
Will you go away?
Gun against my skull,
barrel to my brain,
trigger clenched tightly,
I break down into tears,
because no matter how much i want it,
I can't make it easy
like a bullet through my head
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