Best Goaway Quotes Ever

I know that the bridges that
I've burned along the way
have left me with these walls
and scars that won't go away.
And opening up has always
been the hardest thing

untiyou came.


Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you for taking you're STUPIDITY out on MY FAVORITE UNDERWEAR.
Demons, Demons, go away
come back no other day.
People in my school are literally so annoying, like can you just go away?

Dear Depression,               
You need to leave me alone already. Everyday you're screaming at me and telling me how terrible I am.
You make me replay every mistake i've ever made.
You humiliate me on a daily basis.
You've it impossible to be happy,
or have a great connection with my friends and family.
I am so sick of you controlling me.
The sooner you leave, the better off I will be.
Don't come back either,
I never want you to be apart of my life again.
I hate you, I hate myself for ever letting you inside my head.



Maybe just not today.

Isn't it strange
 how you can be surrounded by people on a
daily basis, yet none of them notice your pain.


Me: *gets on one knee*
Will you go away?

I always remember things I'm suppose to let go of. 

Clearly she wears those short skirts and skimpy tank tops because she wants the D and by D I mean Vitamin D. She wants to soak up as much sun as she can, because revealing clothes are not an invitation for s/x.

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