Best Gone Quotes This Year

i felt something
catch in my throat,

a sudden surge of sadness
that caught me unaware.
It almost managed to take my breath away.

That was the thing;
you never got used to it.
You never got used to the idea
of someone being gone.
Just when you think it’s okay,
and you think you’ve accepted it,
someone points it out to you,
and it hits you all over again,
and it’s just as shocking
as the first time...


"Love is how you stay alive,
even after you are gone."

― Cory Monteith


i should have hugged him when                                    
       i had the chance.                             
c a u s e     n o w     i     k n o w                                     
   i'll never see him again.


Im home alone .

Like a soft breeze I feel you there,
Though many can't, I feel you.
I know you'd want me to smile,
So I do my best, 
I know you'd want me to move on,
So that I did. 
I wish I knew,
But I know I can't,
How are you?
What's there after death?
What is it like, 
Up in the sky?
What is it like,
Where the angels fly?
Though days go by,
And you are no longer breathing,
You live in my dreams,
Where you'll always be alive.
Though nights drag on,
And your words no longer come,
They are written on my heart,
And I will never forget them.
Though you no longer say hello,
And I never said goodbye,
Please tell me,
What's it like where the angels fly?

Copyright 2013 Justanotherwittyguy18
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Written in memory of Alexander Fruk
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Author's note: I do not believe in Heaven or anything like that, but he did. So don't comment on the meanng of "the sky" Thanks.

omfg today in English class we were talking about reading books
and some girl shouts ”BOOKS SUCK” and the quietest girl in my
class says ”yeah almost as much as you do on the weekends” even the teacher laughed omfg

               i hate how         i'm       every       one's    
second choice.
Format chickittylover

It's ssad how you wersucbig part of my life,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> and now you're just gone

I want people to like the things I like,
but I don't because they're my things
I have some news.


f.uck Cancer!!!

I was told it was

gone yesterday



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