Gross Quotes

hearing my own voice on recording
makes me want to apologize to every
single person i've talked to like i'm
really sorry
Well I got food poisoning, serves me right for eating fast food!
Why do people think I'm the bad guy here!?
I'm not the one that cheated.
I'm not the one that lied.
I'm not the one that led you on.
I'm not the one that forced things upon you.
I'm not the one that rolls around in your mind night and day.
I'm not the one that sends you on a downward spiral.

You're the one that cheated.
You're the one that lied.
You're the one that led me on.
You're the one that forced things upon me.
You're the one that rolls around in my mind night and day.
You're the one that sends me on a downward spiral.
Why can't people see this that I'm not the bad guy here!?
So today in class, we had to watch a video on where the meat for fast food comes from, how it gets there, etc. right before lunch and let me just say that after seeing the dead cows, chickens, etc hang upside down dead, get killed, & cut open..
Pros & Cons of School Shopping: 

Pros -

Cons - School
I ran. 
I panicked and I ran
Because she left.
Because she was supposed to be there and she left. I stayed for what felt like hours, shaking and frozen, before I burst - bloody and poisonous - and simply ran. At first I was hesitant, because what if she did come back? Then I would have left her. This thought was only brief, because the heart can overpower the brain and at this point my heart was screaming, screeching with aching palpitations, demanding that I leave now.

I ran until I reached the car park, and then I started to cry - thick, heaving, heavy - and my breath became laboured, asthmatic. My vision blurred; I could not tell what car was mine, but I had to get away; searching for anything familiar, I tugged on a vague black door - it was locked. My throat burned and suddenly my stomach was on the ground - bile, breakfast, and something terrifyingly red. A feat for my weak eyes, I saw her in the distance, and the desire to run increased astoundingly. But I couldn't run, and I couldn't face her. In that moment I wished I were blind, so I turned around and closed my eyes.
I just got done watching Twilight. I swore I'd never watch something so stupid, but I decided that I wanted to see it before I judged it, because I used to swear that Harry potter was terrible before I watched it, and now it's my obsession. And I must say, Twilight is as bad as I thought it would be, and ten times worse. Renesmee is the most beautiful child I have ever seen, and that is THEE only good thing I have to say about the series. The rest is barbaric, absolutely barbaric. How can any of you possibly claim to enjoy such absolute vile, cruel and vicious evil? People being torn limb-from-limb, burned and vicously tortured? How can any of you claim to enjoy seeing something that totally and completely disgusting? You barbarians.

Get your heads checked for brain famine.
how do people eat mayonnaise, i skeeve omg
today I was surprised when I heard my dad shouting, "Let it go! Let it go!" so I figured he'd been listening to my younger sisters& I watching the movie 'Frozen' far too much, but then as I walked down the hall I realized he was in the bathroom.. I'm horrified.

Anyone knows what happened to Giovanna Plowman (or something like that), that tampon-eating chick?
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