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"A company, which asks the job-seeking candidates to give it in writing a road-map as how they are going to make it grow as a condition or clause for their hiring, is most likely making a great financial loss and most probably its boss is seriously contemplating only to close down that particular business on gross."
~Anuj Somany

you're the light
that makes my darkness disappear


Gilbert Baker, also known as the "Gay Betsy Ross," designed the rainbow flag, or pride flag, in San Francisco in 1978.
In Iran, a divorced woman is more marriageable than an unmarried girl with a ruptured hymen.
Many scientists believed the planet would be quite tropical, and the first Soviet spacecraft was loaded with equipment to confirm the presence of water.
Prior to the 1970's, there was vast speculation among astronomers about the nature of Venus' surface.
A group of bears is called a sleuth or a sloth.

*Part of the Anxiety group series of poems

*Boy's perspective (if you read 1st one you'll know him ;) )

A n o r e x i a

The word that makes me cringe.
At how it made me, the person I am.
And, yes I am a boy. 

I am the boy, everyone thought that,
was healthy and eating, normally.
But no, I am the boy, with the demons,
consuming my fear every day like
breakfast,lunch and dinner.

I found myself the boy who was broken,
into small shards of sharp glass.
It cut my hands, as I tried to pick it up.
And I did this till she came along.

The girl with anxiety, who's parents
and therapist sent to the group.
Hates the crowds, because she is
afraid she'll drown in them.

She was different. I like different.

I held out my hand for her, my scarred,thin and boney hand out for her.
She smiled gratefully and took my hand, just like that.

The anxiety group doesn't feel so bad anymore..

Anxiety Group.

A girl pointed at the crowd and told the boy, 
"what is that?" and he said "you have anxiety now". 

It wasn't her fault for being scared of crowds.
It's just that fear decided to wrap around her
like a big blanket, and thought she was cold. 
Sometimes, she can't move but fall on the ground.

On her knees, she was forced to let the fear,
control her body and mind every day.
Fearing, that she will drown in those big crowds.
Anxiety built up and she couldn't handle it anymore.

Then she was welcomed to "Anxiety group".
A place, her therapist said 'will help you'.
Her parents encouraged, everyone agreed.
Her mind screamed "what in the he//!". 

She ended up going anyway, meeting a boy.
Different problem, anorexic and sad.
She wished, he wasn't sad, and broken.
But, she knew the demons in him,
are making him broken.

A girl pointed at a group and told the boy "what is that group?"
he slowly smiled and said "welcome to anxiety group".
N-Dubz are apparently getting back together this year
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