Grow Quotes


All the colors I am inside have not been invented yet. I have room to grow and prosper.

We're all
         just kids 

                            who grew up   
                     To Fast. 


Like wildflowers;
You must allow
yourself to grow
in all the places
people thought
you never would.

- E.V.

His entire body had you planted to the wall; his face so close you couldn't look at him without going cross-eyed. You were positive he could feel your heart rattling inside your ribcage. Your muscles tensed as his lips rained on your neck, growing blossoms of bruises on your skin. It wasn't until a moan sprung from the back of your throat when you realized you'd been holding your breath.

Everyone goes to school to grow up,
Make friends,
Be mature people,
Not act like a child. 

I am now at college to grow up,
Meet new people,
Be mature,
 have a great career. 
Now what do my friends and i do? 
Not grow up.
we stood on apple on 6 different forks and knives.
Why someone may ask?
no one was gonna eat so why not. 

plant you next to me, let our roots snake together.
watch now as we grow.


"kiss your life.
accept it just as it is.
today. now. so that those moments of happiness you're waiting for don't pass you by."

That's the trouble with
the world.
Too many people
grow up.

                           ~Walt Disney

Don't grow up.
It's a trap.
i just want to grow my hair
to the length that it covers my boobs
so i can be a mermaid!!
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