Grr Quotes

Whenever I get a paper cut I take that paper and light it on fire in front a line of other papers just to show my dominance.
I got so excited to go to a dance cause I was expecting someone to be there...
...But they aren't going.
Aw boo.
stfu you ungrateful little f/ck
i hope you choke on all all the sticky-sweet lies pouring out of your mouth.

I let myself get my hopes up...I let myself think we'd actually hang out today...though at the back of my mind I had a feeling you weren't actually gonna come up, but kind of ignored that feeling....and disappointment ended up winning out again. You promised that you'll come up tomorrow....and I want to believe that but I also know you've broken promises to me before....
Today in British Literature
We were supposed to be writing our essays
And this kid next to me
Blabbed for the whole hour and a half
About how he only got 5 cheetos in his bag that he paid $1.75 for
He just wouldn't stop talking about it

This might make some people angry..But whatever. Here goes nothing:
You know why Witty's almost dead??
The top quote gets, like an average of about 75 faves a day.
And maybe if its a guy or a popular Wittian,um 90 maybe.You
know why?Because not a lot of people fave quotes
All or most of the quotes here are about love or relationships or
break-ups and blah blah..I mean, seriously, love is not your entire life,
okay??Its not all boys and girls and butterflies and hearts and valentines
or whatever, all the time.
So many of the quotes here are from Tumblr or facebook.C'mon, Is it
so hard to come up with your own?And many quotes are from Witty as well.
The same quote gets posted every once in a few weeks.What pÏsses me off
is that it'll still get faves.And the original quotes are almost neglected.

I joined Witty beacause all of you here were so nice, because it was not unfair like
the real world it was almost like an escape for me.I felt accepted, for once in my life.
But over the past month, i've been feeling so "not home" here and its almost like
a school with popular kids and all that shït.Maybe its a personal problem and
nobody probably cares
, but we need to stop all this and get Witty back up.
Start faving more quotes
Start making more quotes,your own quotes and stop stealing them from other sites just to be popular

i'm done.
thank you for reading this

i know that many people don't care, but i need to vent
its actually so easy to keep me going in life
maybe if someone gave me a little present
or at least said something nice about me
or show that they care
and it me off because i'm that person 
for everyone else
but no one ever does anything for me
people go the extra mile for someone
that doesn't even deserve it
but, why??why is it so unfair??

I've found myself having a better relationship with my fridge than my girlfriend
Sometimes i find it difficult, living with something I can't cure, but i take it one step at a time and i know it'll all work out in the end somehow...
My life is full of
Due dates

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