Grrrrr Quotes

That moment when: I HATE ALGEBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GAHHHHHHHH! Why the hell do I have 'Winnie the Pooh' stuck in my head???? I haven't watched Winnie the Pooh in like ten or eleven years!!!

When you are trying to untangle your headphones from all of the other leads and you're like ,

i really just
don't understand.
why are you doing this to me.
grrrrr text me back please?? :/

i dont get it.
you told me that you liked me...

so i went to an amusment park today
&i saw this really cute guy
and omg he was so cute!but im sad
because im never gonna see him again
thats the thing that sucks.
he texted me yesterday
for the first time in
a long time...just.
im supposed to be getteting over
him and...that didnt help.
Typing on your laptop when you don't care about being quiet: *makes quiet tapping noise*

Typing on your laptop when you're trying to be quiet: *sounds like a heavy metal band just started playing*

its a never ending cycle of getting hurt, trying to get over him,  not being able to, falling back in love with him and doing it all over again<\3
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