Happy Quotes

I forgot to buy you a card.


Please accept this quote as an alternative.

Happy birthday, Laura!
When you have that lonely period
─╣et it be and do not go seeking
Use it to rest and get to know yourself
What you like, what you do not and how you love
The right ones will find you
And you will know when they do
there will be no doubts
Love, happiness is supposed to rise your self esteem
Not crush it
Hold on
I have friends again and they are not you. We go out into the town, we go to the beaches, we have sleepovers, we support and lift eachother up. I do not feel afraid anymore. This is how life is supposed to be.
Happy memories aren't happy anymore
But I'm also making new ones.
Do I deserve your kindness ?
It feels new.
Romanticize your life, take pretty pictures, feel like the main character, light up a candle, read books, go for a walk, dance to your favorite music, buy yourself presents, do whatever you want, be happy- this is YOUR life, don't let anyone take it from you!

He is very sweet
Just like I said

Thank you
Think im doing better
Hope it lasts
Thank you
Look! It's not raining, It's snowing.

A goodluck charm, an angel and a bandaid.
It helped.
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