Hate Quotes

I wish you weren't me
What an awful stranger
that I never wanted to be
I hate birthdays 

Is it wrong that I wanted somebody to remember

Every year is a let down 

"Happy birthday Andie"

Said nobody ever
There's a big thick line between love and love.
The 'hate' in 'whatever' is silent.
want to know what causes misanthropy? look in the mirror with your dog.
~💚F*cking kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill me 💚~
Every year I walk around to meet new people and when I see my friends again, they get excited and tell me they missed me. Honestly, that is enough for me to know im loved and enough to know that I kind of suck for looking like im in need of new friends.
One thing I hate about myself is telling others and trying so hard to convince them you're happy . . . and then an hour later, I admit i'm falling apart.~~~ One thing I love about myself is that, I at least, admit what I lied about at all.
We only hate what we don't understand. What we understand, we hate, loathe and despise.
As I look around me
It's so easy to see

I'm letting go of what you've done
My freedom has just begun

Going through life as if
I'm walking on glass
Hoping this feeling will pass

Carefully stepping, avoiding being cut
I think to myself, why would I keep my thoughts shut

I begin to run
You have no more control
I'm done

The glass begins to clear
You have no more control here

I see brightness ahead of me
And at last, I am free

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