Heartbreak Quotes


maybe i'd always be a joke to those who couldn't see how great i could've been.

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i know, people make promises
and break them. when someone cuts
Your heart oPen with a knife,
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"I love you" She says. 
"Prove it." He replied. 
"I don't know how..." She forced out. 
"Then you don't really love me." He walked away.
Her heart was shattered. 
She cried and prayed. 
For her to replay that day.  

We all have our own versions and levels of hell. 
Do you want to know what my hell is?
Finding out 4 months into a marriage my husband is still not over his ex. It's having him come home on his lunch hour while I'm laying in pain, that he misses what he had with her. It was a simpler time. That he doesn't know how long our marriage is going to last so he checks up on that one specific ex to see if he would still have a shot. 
Hell is loving someone so much, trusting them with your entire life, soul, basically everything you have to offer, just to have them break you in 0.5 seconds. 
That is hell. 

you can get addicted
to a certain kind of sadness


  do I feel so alone when I'm with you?

Eminem - Space Bound

Oh sweet love

 of mine, what is it you're looking for? Trying to find? I'm standing in front of you, but you're looking behind. 

Eminem - Space Bound

I’m no stranger to heartbreak.
It was in my blood,
and when it was too harsh,
I became it.
All you had to do..

was tell me the truth, 
you filled my heart with so much hope

and my mind with so many promises that you broke. 
It happens in degrees. Water level receding, oxygen one lungful at a time. The guilt quieter, rounder at the edges: I go days without thinking of you once—later, weeks.

 It's peeling oranges and tasting the sweet before the sting, it's looking out the window and watching birds fit back into the sky, one by one.

This is me releasing your hand, one finger at a time, until all the warmth has run away, because I'm no longer afraid of the cold.

It happens in degrees. The sun rising in shades of gold, me rising with it.


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