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To: Steve

From: A Concerned Wittopian

Ok so what happened to witty?? The top quote only has 4 faves??? The top quotes uses to get thousands of faves!!! Someone please SEND HELP
Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help.
Even with that beautiful smile on her face she's still hurting deep down under
Hey guys,
so i'm newish here..
Haven't been on here in years, so if you have any tips please feel free to share!
Feeling kinda lost on here.
Thank you!(:

Loving someone with depression is hard.
No matter the day you're having you must smile and wear your brave face because all it takes is one moment of weakness to set them back. Forget about birthday's, anniversaries, or celebrations because something bigger, darker is filling their soul. Kind gestures go unnoticed because they are already carrying the world. And now it's your job to take hold of that world and carry it like it's nothing and you'll shove every ounce of emotion, good and bad, that you bare so deep into your soul, it will only come out through silent tears in the lonliest kind of darkness. You'll tiptoe on eggshells. And when you slip, because you will, the horrible names won't stop. And when that fist makes the insufferable connection you'll crumble. But if a single tear falls or yelp cries out in desperation it will set it all back. So you must take a deep breath and wear your bravest face


What do you do when you think your parent could be cheating?
am i suffering because of her of because of me or maybe the world wanted to see how strong i was ?
Someday, maybe not today or tomorrow or the day after. But maybe one day, i will be ok.
I wish that when I close my eyes, my mind would go quiet.

Do you hear my cries at night when you go to sleep? Do you see the sadness in my eyes when you hurt me? Do you wonder how i feel or if i'm doing ok? I don't think you care enough to even try to understand. But I don't mind. Aslong as you're happy who cares about me?
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