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I don't know where I belong,
I don't know where I went wrong

Does anyone study A Level Biology here?
I can't log into my account o.o
xXChaos_QueenXx :I
Someone guessed my password and they're not sending me any emails to reset my code.
So... basically.. I got hacked? Ugh, fml man -_-

So I have been asked by my best friend a question. And I want other people’s opinions on this. She has been madly in love with this guy for five years. He is one of our best friends, and last year they told each other they had feelings for each other. They never officially dated, and still aren’t, but they are close. As time goes on, she feels he has been pulling away, and he isn’t as communicative as he used to be with her. Then this other guy came along (who, quite frankly is the male version of her, a perfect match) and they have become really good friends over the last few months. She thinks he is going to ask her out, and she wants to know if it is time she gives up on the first guy, who she is in love with, for a chance with the new guy, who her feelings aren’t as strong for (yet) but the seem like the perfect match?

I love having that one person who will tell me it will be okay and how much I mean to them. Someone please hmu.

 I wrote you a letter today,
confessing my love.
Handed it to you, told you to read it at the end of the day
so when you did, you couldn't see my face.
Placed it in your hands and walked away.
School let out, I went to my good friend
and muttered, " I'm really nervous."
and she looked at me with wide eyes,
and whispered, " Oh, Linds.. she has a girlfriend. "

My heart sank. My heart broke. My heart crumbled in a lot of unfixable parts.
I should've asked before, I swear I didn't know.

I don't think I can face you again.
But eventually I will, because you're my best friend.

10 years, we've been together
And look at what I've done.


What you didn't realize,
is that when you needed it the most
I was there for you
ready to listen, ready to help
but you were blinded by tears

not wanting to drag me down
Into your darkness
Breathe your life...
Resuscitate me...
I hit a weak point, blood trickles like a stream, like my cheeks with tears. I held it in, I held on to that blade. The darkness swarmed around me, I let go and it stings. I cant let that in. I cant.

People say that you always change for the better, but how did I turn for the worse

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