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The force of silent screams is enough to blow Planet Earth out of orbit...
So there is this guy that I really like. And he really likes me too. But the thing is, he is also one of my best friends. And he asked me out last Thursday and I am starting to second guess my choice to say yes. One, I really don't want to lose our friendship if it doesn't work out. Two, he and I never get the chance to hang out outside of school and that really sucks. Three, he doesn't have a cell phone so the only way he and I can talk is if we are in person (which is at school and we don't even have every class together so we don't see each other as much). Four, I am still in love with my ex. I don't think it is fair if to date someone else if I am still in love with my ex but I feel like being with someone else may be the only way I am going to get over him. This is honestly so stressful. 
does anyone know how to change the cursor on my page?

I have a serious problem. I don't know how to stop it I have no self control for it. I am a LIAR. I make up my own lies so people will feel bad for me and give me attention and sypathy. I feel like my lying is out of my control. I don't think about it I just say it. I serously need help and I don't know how to stop my self. 
Help me, save me tonight
I don't know if I can keep up this fight
I was never strong to begin with
And now this facade is catching up with me
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I need a guy in my life, 
who is willing to treat me right.
I don't know what that feels like.
I have been through so much crap, 
I don't know what is like
to be treated like someone who matters.

When you hope that nobody will step in...
                            but you really hope they will...
                                                        but you also mostly hope they don't...
I don't like feeling so lost... me find my way
Depression sucks.
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