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When the very people who tear you down
Then console you.
i dont care anymore
Canadian Boy❤ 10:01 PM
no whatever its fine

Me 10:02 PM
 no, not whatever "its fine". i know you gotta study but i wanna talk about this
Me 10:02 PM
 we'll talk about it later but it has to be discussed about between us
Canadian Boy❤ 10:03 PM
im not going to study anymore

Me 10:04 PM
 you need to
Me 10:07 PM
 Study or don't, i'm going to sleep.
Guess we're ending discussion here.

please may i have some sleep?
i cannot stop shivering.
my head is cloudy, my eyes blurry.
my mind is vacant of thoughts, yet infested with them.
what can i do for a little rest?


Drawing a picture on her arm with a blade
as if her mind isn't dark enough..
I have way too much attitude for someone who's 5'3.

I can't do this anymore


askldjskaljdlsa i'm so UGH i used to have so many friends on this website and i was close to so many people but they all left and it's like for most of them i still have ways to contact them (twitter, tumblr, etc) but i'm just so SCARED to message them and i don't know why even though i miss them SO MUCH and i really only talk to like two people i was close to on this site years ago that have left or aren't as active but i take MONTHS to reply and idk what is wrong with me so i just leave comments on their profiles hoping they'll log in one day and we can connect again instead of messaging them on another site because nothing's the same as witty comments and CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE I'M SO lksjadlksa 
whT is this how do you even work it is it like twitter ?? lmfaooo
whT is this how do you even work it is it like twitter ?? lmfaooo
I wish you wouldn't ask me how I am doing because I'm always gonna say.
"I'm fine."
And you will always know I'm lying.

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