Best Hero Quotes This Month

every villain is a hero in his own mind.   
Sometimes when you intensely dislike a person due to something, you just have to take comfort in the fact that, one day, they will be dead.
                                                                -Dan Howell

You either die a hero or live long enough to be a villain.

I can't read your mind
Like a billboard sign
And tell you everything
You want to hear, but
I'll be your hero


 To  become  a  hr-

                   YOU MUST also SAvYOUSELF. 

I am wreck,
I am a disaster,
I am hopeless,
I am broken,
I am trying to
be honest,
and I am tyring
to be brave;

but I am not a hero.



Growing up
is merely watching your heroes turn human
right before your eyes.


Nothing about what goes on
inside of my head is

The scars on my wrist aren't
tragically beautiful,
they're just tragic.

Nothing about being scared
of the thoughts within my
own head is 

There is no boy who is
going to save me and 
magically "fix" me.

This isn't a fairytale,
this is my life;

and I'm going to be
my own hero.



I was at a carnival today,
and this guy bought some cotton candy.
He was really cute, and I wasn't suprised when he walked back to a really pretty girl (you know, the kind that was too good and would not be caught dead conversing with someone of the wittian species).
Being the nosy person I am, I listened in on what she had to say:

Her: This is for me?
Him: Sure.
Her: But it's pink.
Him: What?
Her: I want blue cotton candy.
Him: Fine.

He took the cotton candy and ripped it up and sprinkled it all over her. He rubbed it on her shirt and it was all sticky. He pulled out his wallet and gave the girl some money.
Him: Here. Go buy yourself some more BLUE cotton candy.

He gave her a little more money.
Him: And here is for you to find a ride home.

And then he walked away.




tryintbfaithful but we'rcheating

HEY, OPEWIDE, HERCOMES original sin.


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