High Quotes

i gotta stay high all the time
to keep you off my mind

"IƖƖ ɗσ ωнαтєνєя ιт тαкєѕ

тσ вє тнє мιѕтαкє

уσυ cαηт Ɩινє ωιтнσυт"

don't kill my high,
just because you're low
You ever recognize that you're currently existing in the third dimension, that your soul is seeking to expand further than that and death is part of the ascension process but that's too morbid to think about they say..

But it's crucial to acknowledge it, don't you think?
So pumped. It's finals week.

                                                        -Said No One....Ever
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nothing is fun
not like before
you don't get me high anymore

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Last night I got as high as my expectations.


call me
you're high?


I think it's bulls.hit when employers can't be bothered to let someone know that they didn't get a job. like all you have to do is send an email that says no thanks. it's not that hard. if you reviwed the application it's as easy as copy and pasting some generic rejection letter. don't pull that "don't contact us, we'll get ahold of you if we're interested" bulls.hit and just let them assume they didn't get the job after waiting for however long.


Baby, in your ecstasy I'm floating away
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