Hogwarts Quotes

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Why do I love Gryffindors so much?             Well, put it this way;
you tell someone you're self-harming, and swear them to secrecy.

Hufflepuffs are loyal to a fault, and will go to the grave with their lips sealed. They'll stand by you, and support you. A Ravenclaw would, while comforting you, try to urge you to look at it logically and seek help, or give you suggestions on how to recover. Slytherins wouldn't hesitate in doing what they think is best for you and if that's telling someone, then so be it, because frankly, your health and life is more important. If you're special enough for them to care, then they will do their all to protect you.
         But a Gryffindor?
                                               They won't stand by silently, or try to reason with you, or go ahead without telling you. They'll end up taking it all on themselves. You'll wake up to stupid 'good morning' texts, they'll wait behind for you after every class, they'll make it their personal mission to cheer you up. Because they think they can. Because they think they should.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I find that stupid chivalry to be adorable.
Long ago, the four Houses lived together in harmony.
Then, everything changed when Slytherin attacked
I solemnly swear I am up to no good...
My obsession for Harry Potter  is getting Riddikulus


Last year I was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore, I recently forgot my password so I just made a new account and was sorted into Slytherin. If that doesn't tell you how much I've changed in the past year, I don't know what will.

Do you have an account? What house are you lovely people in? :)


You can tell a lot about a person by asking which 

lllll Harry Potter lllll

death caused them the most pain.


lllll Fangirl Problems: lllll

Still not being over Fred's death
when you heard about it 7 years ago


lllll Fangirl Problems: lllll

Other fandoms...

Harry Potter wasn't chosen for Ravenclaw because he tried to catch the Hogwarts letters from the air instead of taking one from the floor.
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