Holiday Quotes

Since 2012-2013, for me i guess it's safe to say, Not many come on anymore. Sometimes that makes me happy, sometimes that makes me sad. Happy because maybe the day everyone comes back will be the day i surpass whatever i can't handle and no one will be able to witness. Sometimes sad because even though few come on, Witty was an...still is an awesome place, we all helped each other, felt for each other...We still do that today but Witty isn't dead yet. I kinda wanna repopulate witty lol
my favorite part of today since i woke up was obviously the texts i woke up to but also the part where i accidentally exposed the f.uck out of some 12-ish year old...OOPS.
"Past to Future"            5.17.18

Of all people, she chose you.
You thought she'd be around forever,
You took her for granted.
Even the ones that were good for her,
Of all people, she chose you.

She waited and waited.
Knew better to not,
But guess what she did.
She waited...
And waited.

The pain wouldn't stop,
There was supposedly one way,
But she still knew better.
She still left.
Even after waiting and waiting.

Now that she's gone, 
You want her back.
You're seeing she's happy without you.
You're seeing she's doing
What she can,
not with you, 
But with him,
And she's loving every minute of it.

Of all people, she chose you.
Between the two of you,
she chose him.
Of all people, if she had to...
She'd still choose him than you.
She knew better,
And she did better.

~I cant tell if im more annoyed or heartbroken~
-F*cking talk to me damn it-
~From your name with a blue heart and sport you love to Frickin Baaabe with my favorite color heart to It's Hurting with a broken heart. How did we get here so quick?~
~You really don't f*cking understand, do you?~
~\Funny when you finally trust, it gets broken again/~
"Everything"         12.24.17
Anything, but Nothing and Everything.
Don't give her the world,
that's too much.
Don't give her nothing,
Do you even care at all?
Don't give her what she wants, 
Don't give her what you want her to,
Thats forcing her to take it.
Give her what she needs,
whether she says it or you think it.
She doesn't need everything.
Just enough.
But sometimes enough isn't enough.
Just don't give her what she doesn't want.
You'll just waste her's & your time.
If she needs something, but doesn't know what,
it doesn't hurt to ask.
though, you'll know if you focus
on her eyes,
on her lips,
on her body language.
Anything, but Nothing and Everything.
Don't give her the world,
that's too much.
Don't give her nothing,
do you care at all?
Give her what she needs.
~Having those conversations over something you're passionate about are the best things ever...but it's often with someone thats not who you'd wish it with.~
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