Hospital Quotes

Needles and tears, dry eyes and mouth
Will the med cycle stop?
Will my body cooperate?
Will my mind ever be at ease?


5 steps to the right, 1 step up, turn left and walk 4 steps up; enter the..

Hospital room.

It was the day, you were murdered by the person we often 
called 'Death.' All the love, you recieved before seemed to
drip down off the knife, and your chest seems so hollow now.
It was if we were slowly leaving from the inside of your heart,

in a single file line; I have been finding you in polaroid photo
-graphs, hoping some map would lead me to the trace of the
gushing wind that hit me when I was told you were gone.
Taken away from our grasps, you were gone from this world.

You see, you were always the person who smiled in photographs,
smiled during the pain and smiled when you cried for home
when we were still young, I could remember the blood rushing
to your heart as it pump against your lungs. I can always remember

the air exchange through your lungs to your trachea and larynx.
I only know, it has been a while since I took a breath now. I know,
that other people has fled away in their cars and ran away but I
spent my past days, raising up a glass of a cold void.

I only know I have spent days, using my veins hoping; it'll bring
me to the borders of the countries where I found you. Parts of you,
in the boy who sang his heart out, the girl who had the part of you
in her smile; it felt as if your voice was held back behind her teeth.
It was only felt like yesterday where I broke down in front of everyone.

I have always been committed. Never in murder, I slowly realized,
Death had always been lonely like me, but worse. I slowly realized,
that some people's brillance can't be shown to light forever to be
only covered by darkness. I only wish to find the parts of you, I knew.

7 steps right, 4 steps up, turn right, 8 steps forward now, now face,

the truth.

~~~ Something I remember from the past ~~~
I remember coming on witty when I would come back from
the hospital from visiting my mam, And I remember every
quote I read that day.
Happy mothers day.

I am now in love with the new show "Red Band Society"...anyone else!?
Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls.
The walls of hospital have heard more prayers than the walls of church.
me: wanna know how punk I am?
me:*punches a wall*
me: drive me to the hospital



CB: Do you pick your nose?
  Me: You've broke it :'(.
  CB: I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
  Me Bring me to the hospital.
  CB: Okay *get you in a car and brings you to the hospital*.
I have more cuts than the average household knife, more hospital visits than an ambulance and more suicide attempts than a depressed dementia patient.
The monsters in my head are my friends.
They persuade me to do things that make me happy.
But, the consquences are bad.
Like last night,
I ended up in hospital. 
So I'm not looking for attention or pity here but I was just wondering if you uys could help me out. My mom went to the hospital 4 days ago for gallstones nad was spossed the be home the next day after her surgrey...She didnt and now she needs a bood tranfusion and wont even be home tonight. I'm really worried and it would make me fee lso much better if all you religoues people could have her in your prayers. Thank you some much for taking the times to read this guys it means alot :)
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