Howimfeeling Quotes

who are you? 'cause you're not the girl I fell in love with, baby.
who are you? cause something has changed, you're not the same, i hate it




You know you got me
in the palm of your hand,
but I love those hands


Sometimes protecting yourself, putting up your guard...comes more easily than you think. Even if you don't notice that you're doing so at first. Even if you don't mean to do so, even if you would rather stay vulnerable because you hate knowing you're making the other person feel worse about what they've done than they already feel.
Can you feel it crush you? Does it seem to bring the worst in you out?
There's no running away from these things that hold you down
Do they complicate you because they make you feel like this?
Of all the colors that you've shined this is surely not your best
I know you feel alone, yeah, and no one else can figure you out
But don't you ever turn away from the ones that help you down?
Well they'd love to save you. Don't you know they love to see you smile?
But these colors that you've shined are surely not your style
It's funny how the one person who hurts you is the one who swore they never would.


I needed you
Where were you.
You use to be so close to me
Now all we do is fight
Every night is harder
Every days the worst day ever
Without you by myside
Ive learned Ive been living a huge lie...
The ups and downs of my emotions,
They feel like the waves of an ocean,
They tug me one way, then the other,
Making me want to be with my lover
They make me want to smile then cry
And make me even ask myself why
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