Humour Quotes

The question isn't 'What's the point?'  The question is: What is a point?

How did he who rides a tiger get on it in the first place???
If the shoe fits, cut out holes for your arms, legs and head, and wear it.
Some people make a room adjoining just by being in it.
What castle isn't built in the air?
Soon you'll be saying "when I was a boy," whether you were one or not, that's just how old you've become.
I feel like deodorant is a gift from God more people shpuld take advantage of.

I’ll follow thee and make a heaven out of hell,

Die upon the hand I love so well.

Dark humour just isn't everyone's cup of liquidized dead body.
'Write Something Your Parents Would Be Proud Of' Huh, as if! They don't share my sense of humour.
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