Humour Quotes

Learn to recognize those who are thin-skinned. And even more importantly, those who are thick-exoskeletoned.
Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing – but acknowledge their shearing, spinning and sewing skills.
In our salad days, a lot of us just eat the croutons.
I’m not saying I don’t believe in ghost photography – I just question how a ghost would lug all that equipment around.
Indefatigable adj.  Not capable of losing weight.
Polyamory n. Panodium.
The true story is not based on a true story.
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.  Which technically means I myself don't know the trouble I've seen.  The point is, hopefully I haven't seen an excessive amount of trouble.
Faith may move mountains, but it never yet made a mountain stand still.
The question isn't 'What's the point?'  The question is: What is a point?

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