Hurt Quotes

"I'm just trying to figure out why she's attached to me"
~~~Because you care for her, you've been around since day 1, its easy for her to talk to you, you guys are close and she doesnt want to share you. They're the same reasons why a girl gets attached to their bf so easily. Unless he doesnt give a million damns about you as much as he says he does and then you try to convince yourself its okay, as long as youre there, its okay but really its not because he still doesnt give a damn. Sure, we get attached, but it's because we think you care. Because you once did or told us you did. And when you don't, we freak out wondering why we aren't worth your time to care about us~~~
They tell me to "move on with your life".~But what am I supposed to do with the life we made that was meant to be ours? ~We combined our lives together, never thought we would need reason to separate.~Except, that was just me.~You always had a backup plan.~I was a distraction.~Or was the act you put on distracting me?~How do I move on with the life that was meant to be ours...~How will I move on with the life I supposedly had, whilst you went behind my back and made a new one?
~One day, we said it'll be only us. Nobody else. ~One day, we said it's over. We were through.~One day, I wanted you to call me, just so I had a reason to yell.~One day, I told everybody, including me, I was happy.~One day, I said I wouldn't shed a tear.~One day, I never thought it'd be me, calling you.
~If there is no happiness, create it~
~I smile as a kiss is planted on my cheek like a flower is placed in the ground. ~Treated tenderly and with care, planted so softly onto a space that was once abused. ~The grounds on this Earth has been walked upon for so long. ~Like my heart that is barely beating from being torn apart one too many times. ~No one said it was by many people. No one said it was easy.~Care for it, once you do, care for it always. ~I beg you, no more pain.~I scream to you it hurts, but you keep ruining what once was a beautiful sighting.
call me stupid, but at least i'm happy 😍
~i loved you so much, it hurt.
~i cried so hard, i felt free.
~i smiled so big, i felt trapped
~i hated you so much...and that hurt too.
-what did you do to me?
The sun may leave for some time, but it always comes back shining again the next day. Will you do the same with me?

We fall apart everyday and look for someone who doesnt even care and then we cry about it. if you care so much, maybe you should try picking yourself up.

I made up all of these rules just to break them. I made all of these friends just to lose them. I made all of these memories just to forget them. If it works that way, then you're not real.
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