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You drive too slowly down the streets where you once lived but you roll up your windows when you stop at the lights (just in case any of the ghosts try to get in).


But love's like a needle on a record, taking parts of you away as it draws sharply and constantly across the heart, in slow descending circles, just to hear a song hidden in the scratches one more time.



If you must know, this is what I'm scared of. I'm scared that everyone else is more who they are than I am who I am. I think everyone else just looks at the things they feel or think and says “Of course this is what I feel or think, this is who I am.”
But I am never sure of what I feel or think.
And I'm scared because I'm holding all the things I could feel or think on a boat that the slightest breeze could tip over and if that happens, I will fall with all of it into the water. I am scared I will be left with nothing and no idea who I am.
I am scared of the wind.


I guess I should say thank you, for cutting all my strings.
But if it's all the same to you, I wish you'd left my wings.

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death isn’t when your heart stops.
death is when you give up who you
could be for the safety of who you are.

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onLY a HarD HearT
hard heart breaks.
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I've taken the same ride too many times. I could fall asleep in the loop. I know the clowns wipe the fake, makeup smiles off their faces once the show is done. I know the lions sleep in cages at night. I know the tightrope walkers have blisters on their feet. I know the ringmaster doesn't believe in what he yells to the crowd anymore. I know the strongman isn't as strong as he once was. I know the candy floss has always been just sugar and air. You are the only reason I come back here every night.


TruLY GreaT
weird so that today, YOU AREN'T CALLED ANYTHING.



THe worLD
         MADE ME COLD. YOU         
made me water. ONE DAY WE'LL BE CLOUDS.


It sounds pretty but I disagree. I believe there are moments in your life when you have to dance like everyone is watching.

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