Icecream Quotes

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I Scream,

You Scream,

We all Scream,

because we're TERRIFIED

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*Eats ice-cream even though is freezing*
Is that... Ice cream?
*Eating icecream in front of my dog*
He looks at me with big puppy dog eyes
Me: No!
He keeps on looking at me
Me: No way I gave you some of my icecream last time.
He comes up even closer and nudges my leg
Me: No I am not caving in like I usually do
He just stares at me
Me: Fine but this is the last time
Ice cream, ice cream,
I'll melt you down like ice cream!
My diamond ring, so bling bling..

*follows dreams*

*dreams don't follow back*

*unfollows dreams*

Listening to music, eating ice cream, and reading. I'm in my happy place. 💙💙💙

Every day is a good day to eat ice cream.

Every moment is a good moment to eat ice cream.

It’s always a good time to eat ice cream.


Ice cream is always good, no matter what time is it, no matter the weather, no matter if you’re sick, doesn’t matter.

In fact, ice cream heals.

Oh ice cream.


Current mood:
I just want to eat a tub of ice cream and scream at the world
Do you ever just feel like eating a galon of Ice Cream?
...Yeah, me too
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