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Is this part of the deal? You start caring enough, and suddenly you start worrying every little thing you say makes them hate you? Or is it anxiety talking? .....


You're a song,
I try to sing.
A note,

I cannot hit.
This site is so dead.
pfft, how much of a ho am I?
how much of a ho am I? well
let's just say that if I was a:
sandwich, I'd be a hoagie.
chip, I'd be a nacho dorit-ho.
fruit, I'd be a mang-ho.
cookie, I'd be an ore-ho.
starch, I'd be a potat-ho.
meat, I'd be pepperhoni.
fair food, I'd be a churrho.
mexican staple, I'd be a tac-ho.
beverage, I'd be hoda.
that is how much of a ho I am.

                                 I swore up and down we wouldn't last past Christmas and I almost wish I had been right.
                                 Maybe it would hurt less if those memories and feelings didn't even exist.

today you've given him too much credit and tomorrow you won't give enough to yourself."

loneliness crashes onto me
like waves against rocks.
it comes and goes
but there's not one day
when it doesn't.
I need someone to calm
this water and bring me back
to who I want to be.
there's not always paradise at sea


last time i posted was 2012...
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