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You Wish He Didn't Know So Many Girls, Because You're Afraid To Lose Him To One Of Them. You Wish He Wasn't So Attractive, Because You're Afraid You Might Have To Compete With Other Girls For Him. You Wish He Hadn't Been With Other Girls Before, Because You're Afraid His Old Feelings Will Come Back For One Of Them. You Wish He Didn't Talk To So Many Girls Because You're Afraid He'll Slowly Lose Feelings For You; His Interest For Another girl Will Grow And The More They'll Talk. You Wish Other Girls Will Respect Your Relationship With Him, But You Know, Some Girls Don't Really Care & Aren't Considering How Hurt You Would Be If You Were To Lose Him. 
I Know How You Feel <|3 
Just the way you carry yourself on a daily basis is incredible. It's like, no matter what happens, no matter who hurt you, no matter how many things are going wrong in your life, you always have a smile on your face. & you have the confidence every guy wants their girlfriend to have. I love you. I've loved you for longer than I can even remember & it's been so great hanging out with you, I just want us to be somthing more...

*yikes so i guess i'm friendzoning him a little.
I'm so tired of having to wake up every morning to empty promises, dead dreams, living nightmares, and nothing to look forward to...
When you p/ss away an opportunity...
No one knows what I do for them all everyday, so they can live their happy lives...
When you suddenly, and unexpectedly, go from being happy, to being depressed and triggered...
I'm just so lonely that I keep going through old memories and I keep thinking the same thing. And there's no help coming for me...
Back to being single....

you get to a point where
you think,
"i'm too much of a burden."


I feel like I'm dying. Like now even my body's even giving up on living, on any chance of it ever getting better. If that doesn't say something then I don't even know anymore.
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