Igiveup Quotes

I am closer to where you are
with every beat of my broken heart

Why is it always the same story?
Why does it always happen the same way?
Why I do let myself get wrapped up into it?
Why do I lead myself on?
But more importantly why are YOU doing this to me?
Why did you pick me to mess with?
Because I'm the new girl?
Because I appealed to you?
Because I was some prize to be won amongst you and your stupid friends?
I'm so over this. I am so over letting myself get caught in these situations. I'm so over and done with letting you lead me on.
Good freaking bye. 
It's pretty bad when you
get used to being lied to. 
im just kinda done with this whole life thing....

Summer you
an come


I have a 9 in math class.

9OUT OF 100.

Sitting here thinking about how stupid I can be, Telling you that, Then making myself believe it's all okay, Then sitting here crying my eyes out, All because I messed up.
I'm done pretending to be happy.
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