Ihateschool Quotes

Teacher: How can we keep our school clean?
Me: By staying at home.

I don’t need you to make me feel like sh.t I can do that all by myself

So far, this year has been depressing and conflicting. Can I go back in time and repeat 9th grade?

Reason for sadness: School.

On Witty at school

I don't always have time to study, but when I do. I don't.
    F O R M A T    C R E D: _Janette   | DON'T REMOVE PLEASE

Well sorry that i wasn't posting ANY quotes those..months
But you know..AND i have a really nice excuse for that.
Blame school..and today i wrote History..and tomorrow Maths ._.
I'm killing myself right now.
(I think no one missed me ._. srsly)

School shouldn't start until 11.
i have failed
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