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i like to keep my issues drawn;
it's always darkest before the dawn
my first quote on here got 400+ faves
and if that's not false advertising idk what is


2014 to-do list:
shed 20kg of weight
start wearing the hijab
get driving lisence
stop crying so easily
stop becoming scared so easily
write two novels
improve drawing skills
break nail-biting habit
fade scars as much as possible


Im so afraid of being alone.

   When you grab a random amount of something like
  paper, hangers, or forks for dinner and it turns out
  to be the exact amount you needed.

me| I don't even know where I even got that.
me| Where did I even get that?
me| I don't even know.
me| That's very odd.

song| *comes on*
me| omg! this is my favorite song
person| is it?
me| well, one of like, ... the all of them
that are my favorite

*in science class, teacher is calling on people to share their hypothesis*
teacher| *calls on someone*
them| "I think... this and this"
teacher|ok  *calls on someone else*
them| "I think... this and this"
teacher| alright *calls on me*


s t o p   t a k i n g   y o u r   a n g e r   o u t   o n   m e .


I needed  today.
I needed one day to be okay and laidback, where I don't run myself into the ground           
or freak out or feel like sh*t or burst into tears when I'm alone. I needed that,            
just for one day.         
&&&&& you couldn't even let me have that.
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