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to all my friends who I went away from

I just want to say I still love all of you, every single day. and I miss you. Im so sorry to anyone that i ever hurt, things that ive done and said over the years, i have alot of work to do and alot of things to unlearn myself but i will always want the very very very best for you all and even though we arent in eachother’s lives anymore, you’re always in my heart and I think about you every day.

please always be good to yourselves and take care of yourselves

I love you

So close yet so far away,

My eyes are just sweating,

It's okay really. 

The problem with "I love you"  is it begs for
a response. It needs to be reflected.

The problem with "I love you" is it sometimes
is a question, "do you love me?"
The problem with "I love you"  is it's sometimes used as a weapon. Aimed at a body, an idea, or a heart.
The problem with "I love you" is no one ever sites their sources. Everyone is too scared to ask what it means. They think they should just know.
The problem with "I love you"  is sometimes it becomes too heavy to carry all the time, so we set it down. We say we will come back. We forget where we left it.
The problem with "I love you" is we say it most when we are very young and very old. Sometimes "I love you" feels like a chain. Meant
to bind us up and keep us close.
The problem with "I love you"  is I'm told it loses power the more people I say it to, and loses power the
more times I say it.

The problem with "I love you" is I want to say it all the time, but how do I say you don't have to say it back? What if you won't say it back?
Or say it and don't mean it?
The problem with "I love you"  is I'm
not sure what it means.
  Quote by Jamil Bolling    
I know it'd be better if I let go, but I don't want to.

Promise me
that you will
regret anything
that has ever
put a smile
on your
beautiful face.
You're worth all the miles keeping us apart.
If you would just look at me
like you did that night
everything would be alright.
Take me back 
to your bed
i love you so much
that it hurts my head //

Does anyone else hate when 
you get mad at your parents and
try to hold a grudge on them
but you depend on them for food and stuff
so you can't really hold the grudge?

i'm so dope and ur so nope

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