Imback Quotes

I can't believe how long it's
been since I've been on here.

I used to recognize myself. It's funny how reflections change. When we're becoming something else. I think it's time to walk away.


hey guys. I'm back. maybe for longer than last time, maybe not. either way, i'm back for now. 
It has been about 3 years since I was on this website.. Dang.. Its been awhile and it has changed so much
Let me travel forever
and I swear I will be
it was a question,
not an accusation
I have not been on here in 8 months. 8 long months. How have i been ? Horrible. Im worse than i ever was before and i see no intent on getting better. There is no hope. My eating disorder is bad again. My depression is at its worst. Suicidal thoughts are extremely bad and the temptation is at its highest. Its been this way for a very very long time now. All i can do is hope i get better..
There is a reason it is said living is an art
And guess what, I'm an artist and so are you!
So try sketching a better picture on your canvas :)

Dam, it feels like it's been forever since I have been on this site. I wonder if anyone's still here..
I don't always log into witty

But when I do, I come back from a five month hiatus and create at least 3 quotes before I leave again
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