Imserious Quotes


i want some penpals.
   I'm serious. Written communication is important. And I think witty is perfect for it. I'm talking hand-written letters,
photographs in envelopes, regular communication, getting to know another person. If you're interested,
comment. Or maybe you don't want to talk to me -- look around the comments and see if there's someone
else who you could try with. Or write a penpal quote of your own. Take this format, I don't mind. But try writing
someone a letter, okay? One that shows off your awful hand-writing, that takes a good hour or more, one you
can keep in a box and look at for years go come. The internet is amazing, but you do lose something if you
don't look outside it.  (i may come after your butt if you don't comment jsyk, you guys know who you are) 

  UK = perfect. Somewhere else? We can make it work.
I hope I’m one of those kids that just magically becomes hot after they leave high school

boys when they first see me: "oh she's kinda cute"
boys when they find out about my personality: "i can work with this"
boys when they find out i'm secretly a gamer: "right okay um......"
boys when they meet my attractive friends: "bye b*tch"

it's amazing what I can be talked into by someone using the yolo argument

Kermit the frog
kermit the frog as a pimp
kermit the frog wrecking ball
kermit the frog thong
kermit the frog on a disco ball

...I'm scared to click any of them...
if you want to make me happy
-get me starbucks
-get me all of my favorite cds
-get me a large pizza
-buy me another cat
-and stay 100 feet away from me thx
I just don't get what you see in me...

Prepare yourself for the end of the world
I lost my IPod USB cable. You will suffer.
Until I find it.- but that's not the point.   

I love how my Google Chrome homepage
has Witty Profiles titled as
"Oops! Google Chrome Couldn't Load the Page"
I never run with scissors. Those last two words were unnecessary.
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