Inspirational Quotes

All directed energy is a weapon.
i heard a tune and i hummed along, instinctually i just hummed along. i heard his voice and i sung along. without much thought i sang along. and when i felt this breeze, i put my jacket on. i hugged it on. you see how things have changed? now i simply carry on. i don't try to fight it. i just carry on.

"Believe In All That You Do In Your Life."

i just haven't met you yet.
It is okay to be still
It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the dog it's fighting.
dark cat eyes with a dimple smile.
my type of humour and kind heart to match.
i feel myself fall for your charms more and more with each passing day.
perhaps I saw it all along but was taught to think otherwise.
is it cringey or is it just about time?
i am learning to love myself more as i grow older.
i made mistakes, i made progress.
i hated this person, now i'm growing to love her.
she's been trying her best all along
so finally i cut her some slack.
this is our first life anyway.
how could i expect perfection when the path ahead wasn't even set?

and here i am after all these years.
i finally discovered my self worth after
you took everything from me.

-i am finally free of you.
The fact that dropped toast always lands buttered side down would be a blessing if you kept your floor covered in marmalade.
Looking back to where I was at the begining of the year, I could never have predictied that I would be here
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