Inspirational Quotes

Are not Two sparrows sold fo a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.
And eve
n the very hair of you head are all numbered. So Don't be Afriad; You are WORTH more than MANY sparrows. 
ew 10:29-31-

God Provides for the ones he loves. 

"When I was young, it helped me build my dreams,

My small playground that was my everything,
The wonderland in my memories
that I dreamed of and played in.

Now I’m an adult so will you be my dream now?
I want to stay by your side and run around and play.

 will I find that dream that I lost as a child?
I’ll find a love that is better than
the one in my fantasies

You are my playground.

The slide that I loved to go on as a child,
and the swings that made me fly high in the sky.
Your soft eyes and your voice that makes my heart rush.

Now I realized that you are my wonderland.

Now I’m an adult, so will you be my dream now?
I want to stay by your side and run around and play.

Spread out your hidden wings,
Sprinkle your magic powder on me.
We’ll hold hands and fly high

You are my playground."


~I'm Helpful, Yet Helpless.~
~I'm a shopping cart~ ~Waiting to be used by one person and then the next when they're done.~
~I'm a shopping cart~
~You go to the store for one thing and end up filling the cart with useless things.~
~I'm a shopping cart~
~I have all these bars surrounding my insides, keeping them protected.. just to realize too late that i'm being misused.~
~I'm a shopping cart~
~I'm used until I'm not needed anymore.~
~I'm a shopping cart~

~There were these lies you have said multiple times. I didn't want to hear it anymore but wished to every time i saw you. I never thought i'd hear it again and i was okay with it. You said it once more and again..Jokes on me i said it too..~
~I Love You.~

 And that's the thing about people
who mean everything they say.
They think everyone else does too.


  For you,
a thousand times over

~Its not that im saying the wrong stuff, its just that you dont want to hear what's the truth~

~I'm sorry, but im also not for saying this, he may make you happy, but he's hurt you more... I wish I knew for myself sooner. Its toxic. (You) guys always fought too...~

"im done with you, you changed,
i cant be with you anymore

did you hear the aching of my heart
did you hear the clenching of my throat
did you hear my world shattering before my eyes

is that why you came back?
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