Inspirational Quotes

one day at a time.

my head hurts feeling like i'm sprinting in the same spot.
this headache from staying up late and for what?

tomorrow will i man up and practice what i learnt?

this insecurity, this uncertain, shakable feeling.
the annoying inflection that makes a statement
sound like a question. that awkward bead of sweat
that makes existing appear more difficult than it is.

all of it. slowly will dismantle.
bring it to a boil, melt it and
cast iron into the image of myself i longed to meet.

always so passionate when it came to her.
always so elusive when it came to responsibility.
silver hair and blazing eyes,
still you don't know the reason why.
you're a special kind of cruel.
i learnt it all from you.
i remember how i felt.
sore and out of place.
awkward and uncomfortable.
it was like a hot beam spotlight moment
yet also like i was in the background and didn't matter.

i remember how it felt.
younger me consoling myself.
telling myself it would be over soon.
promising myself i would never put myself in a similar situation ever again.

biting my lip just hurt me.
sweeping things under the rug just made me feel dirty.
keeping the peace always left me hurt.

keep your promise.
prioritise me.

Stop it Stupid 

I was so stupid, I was a fool
But they didn't teach me this in school
'Stop it, stupid!' had I told myself
My stupidity would have ended with this tool

We all get angry, we all do fear
We are idiots, year after year
How can we stop this misery and pain
How to stop being foolish, again and again

The first step is to realize our ignorance
The second is to put a stop to it
We must tell our mind to stop
We must make this a habit

The mind is a monkey, a rascal our mind
It wants to make us suffer, we find
But we are not fools, we know, don't we?
How from this rascal, can we be free?

'Stop it, stupid!', 'Stop it, stupid!', 'Stop it, stupid!' repeat
Till the monkey mind can feel the heat
Then, watch it, catch it, latch it, secure
So that it does not repeat the thing anymore

We all are stupid, we all are fools
And to overcome stupidity, there are simple tools
The most important is to realize the truth
Who are we, get to the bottom of the root

We are not the stupid Body, Ego and Mind
We are intelligent, this truth we must find
This realization will stop us from being a slave
Will liberate us from misery, before we reach our grave

For pain and suffering is only for those
To go on a quest, who did not choose
They live with misery, they believe in the myth
They continue with ignorance, till they die with it

So, we must Ask, Investigate, Realize the Truth
Kill the rascal mind, the monkey, the brute
Transcend the Mind and Ego that says, 'ME'
Till from all stupidity we are free

We must be still and live in Consciousness
If we want to put an end to all the mess
When we are fools, we must stop and know
And overcome the stupidity before the end of the show

But many of us are stupid till we die
We look up at the sky, cry and ask ,'Why?'
We don't use our intellect to stop our stupidity
We just live with stress, worry and anxiety

Some of us want to end this mess
We don't want misery, we don't want stress
The Mantra 'Stop it, stupid!' we put to use
And with it, an end to all abuse

So what must we do, what is the trick?
What will end our misery with just one click?
We must be stern and tell ourselves looking in the eye
Till to that repeated stupidity, we bid goodbye

I did it myself, I share with you
I stopped my stupidity, this is true
To end my foolishness, I found a way
 'Stop it, stupid!' to yourself, please say

And till you stop being stupid, repeat it
Don't feel bad, it's better to erase it
We have a choice, acknowledge stupidity and then rise
'Stop it, stupid!' is the way of the wise

Some people are heartbroken, they cry in love
They break their hearts, and then look above
They cry in love, they suffer in pain
They are stupid, again and again

Some people are attached, this brings them tears
The misery is not short, it lasts for years
If only they use this Mantra of happiness
'Stop it, stupid!' it can give peace and bliss

'Stop it, stupid!' a Mantra I share with you
Use it and you will stop feeling blue
Realize your ignorance and to make amend
Say, 'Stop it, stupid!' and put your misery to an end
sometimes in the face of adversity you crumble.
sometimes it takes too much out of you to remain strong.
sometimes your environment takes too much of a toll on you.

sometimes it's okay to not blame myself for things i can't control.
sometimes i can go easy on myself for wasting another day away.
sometimes i do just need to eat junk and binge watch dr who to make myself feel better.

sometimes a nap in the afternoon is warranted without the excuse of a hectic morning.
sometimes tough love isn't enough.
sometimes i need to parent myself in a way that i was not parented.

take it day by day.
that's what i've always done.
and it's the only thing that always worked.
I have made so much progess in the last year. I can't wait to see how much further I will fo next year
!لَكَ شَيْءٌ في هذا العالَمِ فَقُم ⁦(✯ᴗ✯)⁩ You have something to do in this world, stand up!
the consequences of my decisions are getting more scary.
i can change.
All directed energy is a weapon.
i heard a tune and i hummed along, instinctually i just hummed along. i heard his voice and i sung along. without much thought i sang along. and when i felt this breeze, i put my jacket on. i hugged it on. you see how things have changed? now i simply carry on. i don't try to fight it. i just carry on.

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