Internet Quotes

Do you Google search your internet friends?
Para los que están interesados exclusivamente en equipar su hogar con una conexión a Internet, Yoigo cuenta con unas tarifas bautizadas como Las de Casa, con las que actualmente da la opción de disponer fibra óptica de 50 MB o 300 MB. Estas ofertas incluyen llamadas a fijos nacionales ilimitadas con las que completar su oferta, y contar de regalo con una línea móvil con 500 MB al mes gratis.
Uno de los puntos fuertes de la compañía es la utilización de una red propia de tecnología 4G, que alcanza más del 85% del territorio nacional. Frente a la tecnología ADSL que ha ido perdiendo el pulso paulatinamente, la fibra óptica de Yoigo permite la transmisión de datos mediante pulsos de luz, con una conexión a Internet mucho más veloz.
La conexión de 300 MB simétricos con la fibra óptica de Yoigo se ve beneficiada por el avance que ha experimentado esta tecnología en los últimos años. Las mejoras que se han desarrollado garantizan una velocidad estable y simétrica con calidad en el servicio. Al ampliar su red de fibra, Yoigo garantiza una conexión directa hasta el domicilio de sus clientes en las zonas donde alcanza la cobertura. Más información en
Not a good listener??? When have I ever failed to receive your HTTP request and indicate your destination IP address and port???
We live in an age where we feel guilty whenever we have to cut someone off but the reality is that some relationship need to die, some people need to be unfollowed and unfriended. We arent ment to be this tethered to people in our past. The internet mandates that we dont burn bridges and keep everyone around like relics but those expectations are unrealistic and unhealthy. Simply put, we dont need to know what everyone else is up to. We are aloud to be choosy about who we surround ourselves with online and in real life, even if we might hurt people's feelings. -Ryan OConnell

if i had a chance, i'd take it faster than a heart beat.
if i caught a glance, i'd run to you like nobody was watching.
but it's so hard to get to you
'cause when you see the sun, i see the moon.
Buckets of water, millions of clouds. miles of road just to get where you are, oh, i wish it wasn't so far.
Thousands of dollars just to be near
countless thoughts of you being here
oh, i wish it wasn't  so hard
But maybe when day when can break the distance
I know it's hard, for everyone to understand it
but you're in my heart, even though it feels like we got stranded
And i wish i could get to you, see you face to face without a screen cutting through

Okay! I confess! Sometimes I turn off the wifi on my computer just so that I can make the dinosaur jump over the cacti...
There Are Many Useful Things In The Internet.
But Its Like People Use The Negative Side Of Internet More Than The Positive Side. .__.
"The business market will now be driven neither by buyers nor suppliers, but by those employers who hire and not fire the right employees in a fiercely competitive environment of the internet- wired world."
 ~Anuj Somany

who needs human contact when you have the heat radiating from your laptop?

me. every. single. day.
12 am: i'm tired. *stops all conversation*
1 am:
*still on computer, but is just stalking people's profiles and watching youtube*
2 am: i'm going to bed now. *closes computer and lays down*
2:30 am: ugh, can't sleep. *takes out phone*
3 am: *still listening to music on phone*
3:30 am: *phone dies* screw this. *takes out computer again*
4 am: *falls asleep, only to be woken up by my face slamming against the keyboard* oi wtf. *stares at computer*
4:04 am: *shuts computer off. lays down*
4:10 am: *falls asleep*
5:30 am: *alarm goes off* fml.

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