Jake Quotes

"I've got thoughts more tangled than my headphones"

                                               I've always wanted to be in The Hunger Games,

                                        But, then i seen my shadow and backed away from that idea.

                                                                                              Original by jake mitchell (me)

I miss all my friends.
I feel so lonely.


What are you wearing "Jake from State Farm"?
I will lift the fog. I will lift it. I have too. The fog....the dark clouds that just kiss earths surface...the lurk everywhere...and make you'r days worse...but I will lift it. I will lift the fog. For you, I will save you. I will lift the fog and make the rest of your days sunny... I promise. I promise. I will. I will lift the fog. 
Writing out my Witty Christmas profile posts and I only have 3 friends here. Ooh. Ouch.

They're of course 3 amazing human beings though and are cooler than you. ^~^
I dont under stand the boys at my school.
Today during english class they kept stealing my pencil bag and putting it places where I cant reach, then laughing at me because I'm short. And they kept picking on me. Then I was standing outside of the math room with one of the boys that were jusat taking my things and he asked if the binder I always carried around over my shoulder was heavy. 
I said it kind of was, but it wasn't a big deal. 
He grabbed the little handle on top of my binder and lifted it up a little bit and said "It is pretty heavy. And dont you have a back problem and arent suppose to be putting any extra weight on your back?" I said "Yeah but its not really a big deal, this more impacts my shoulder than it does my back." and he looked up at me and said "Doesnt matter, you shouldnt be carrying it around everywhere." He then lifted the strapp off of my shoulder and completely took my binder from me and walked into the room and put it on my desk. And it confused the hell out of me. Since when was he a gentleman of any sort? then we were sitting down and he handed me his note book and was like "here are the notes you missed yesterday." and I said I could get them from someone else later since we had more notes to take and he told me thaty it was fine because he had another notebook he could take his notes in. TOTALLY OUT OF HS CHARACTER! Yep. Im officially confused. 

Love without end… 

Time was ticking and Jake was nowhere to be seen. I told him to meet me here after school, where was he? I told Kyle that he could just go ahead and drive home as I needed to finish an assignment. But here I was, about to make such a huge mistake with Jake. Was I seriously going to do this? I heard footsteps come from behind me and the smell of Lynx filling my nostrils.

“Hey.” His soothing voice, made me tingle all over. I turned swiftly around and wrapped my arms around Jake’s neck. He hugged me tight before letting me go and stuffing his hands in his coat pockets.

“You need to tell me everything.” I said, sort of leaning into him, looking up at his gorgeous face.

“There’s nothing to tell. I like you, a lot. I think I’m in love with you. And seeing you with him, I just can’t.” He bit his lip, stopping himself from saying anymore. I put my hand on his cheek and pulled his face to mine.

“How long have you waited for this?” Suddenly, I kissed his lips. It was a long kiss, everything around me started spinning. This was the kiss; the kiss that every girl dreams of. It was slow but passionate and him putting his hands on my neck made me feel fuzzy and warm. I’ve never had this kiss with Kyle. I couldn’t even think about Kyle right now. I couldn’t care less. After all the things he did to me…I couldn’t even begin. I pulled away from the kiss and looked into Jake’s shimmering hazel eyes.

“A very long time.” Came his reply. I giggled and he stroked my face.

“Wow.” Came a second voice. A familiar voice, deep and sexy. Wait a minute… Kyle.
I gasped.  

Hey GUYS! This is Vatraa ;D, want to let me know if you're 'Team Kyle' or 'Team Jake' so I can give you an amazing ending? :D x

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