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So I get home from my brother's cross country practice (because I drive him home) and I go into my room for 5 minutes. Then I go knock on the bathroom door and my brother says "Hello?" and I say "Oh sorry I'll go downstairs." So I go downstairs, and then back into my room. Like 15 minutes later I go to grab my hairbrush from the bathroom and I knock on the door and my brother says "Hello?" and I'm like "Are you okay?" and he says "Never better." So I opened the door and found my 14-year-old brother sitting in a bubble bath and he sits up and says "Look I've had a long day."

Like Me Please?
Aly's POV

I should probably describe things to you shouldnt I? Well, let me tell you about me. I'm 17 years old. I have blonde hair, and most people know that i am very bubbly when I'm around people. I am a swimmer, singer, dancer, and actress. Kassidy, my best friend, is also 17 with longe blonde hair. Shes very pretty with lots of freckles. Shes usually happy, and definitely is a player. Bradley is 16 and is extremely adorble. He cnt sing, but still manages to get into most of the shows. Then theres Jake. Hes 17, has brown longish hair, and can really sing. Thats about enough you should know for now.
Now, on with the story.

I waited all Saturday in excitement. It FINALLY came the time to check out the cast list.
"Bye mom! I'm going to go see the cast list, see you later!" I called to her and walked out the front door and into my car. The drive there was probably the longest drive like, ever.

Finally I got to the studio and ran to the cast list where tons of kids where trying to take a look. Some where crying, and some where pridefully walking away. I see Jake trying to take a look. He looks at it, smiles, looks at me, and turns to his brother and whispers something to him. I wonder what he whispered... I looked at the list and almost squealed. I coveredmy mouth to prevent it and ran to Kassidy.
"Whos Aladdin?"
"Uhmmm Im not sure let me look." I said and almost dropped my car keys as I read the name "Jake Russell" next to the Aladdin. She smiles at me and walks to her own car. "Have fun with that Alybear..i know you will" and wiggles her eyebrows at me. I smile and get my car key ready so I can unlock my car, but someone grabbed my shoulder. I spun myself around to see who, and saw Jake.
"Hey, so uh, you're gonna be Jasmine huh? Well since I'm Aladdin, we are probably need to get pretty close. Jake Russell." He said and shook my hand.
"Alyson...but call me Aly."
"Nice. Well, heres my number. Text me so we can go over lines later?" He asked and I nodded. He walked away and started talking to his older brother John again. In that moment, I immediately put it into my phone and got into the car with a huge smie on my face.

authors note
well this is getting borin gbut yeah. feedback please? this chapter isnt really long though ughhh


Like Me Please?
Chapter 1
Aly's POV

It all started at auditions. I was new to the theater family and this was only my fourth audition. The show was Aladdin and since I'm blonde ididn't think I would even get a part.
I just auditioned and was waiting with a couple of other kids in the lobby when:

"Okay can I please have Jake, Bradley, Kassidy, and Alyson back into the audition room please?" Ilene called usback in. We all nervously walked into the room as Ilene told the rest of the kids to go home and that the parts will be posted Saturday night. Thats when I saw him. He sat down alone as I sat with Kassidy. He looked sweet, but lonely. 
"We have you in here because girls, we have considered you for te part of Jasmine, and and boys, we have considered you for the part of Aladdin. We are going to pair you guys up and mi you around and see who is the best couple." Ilene explained. She put us together and at first, Kassidy was with Jake and I was with Bradley. They looked at us and has us sing with eachother and decided to switch us around again so this tie I was with Jake and Kass was with Bradley. This was perfect because Kassidy and Bradley were actually dating. They has us hold hands and sing again. Right when I touched Jake's hand, I felt something I dont know what it was, but it was a nice feeling.
"okay thank you guys, please comeand check out the cast list to see what you got."

* authors note *
tbh this story almost all truelolol k chapter 2 will be up soon.

Adventure Time,
c'mon grab your friends,
we'll go to very distant lands,

with Jake the Dog and
Finn the Human,

the fun will never end, it's adventure time!

Come along with me,
to a town beside the sea;
We can wander through the forest,
and do so as we please.                                                    


Dude, suckin' at something is the first step to being sorta good at something! :D -Jake the dog
You know what would be funny. If you got a random number and they didn't know who u were. But when they ask who is this you would say Jake from state farm
But he's just a little different so they taunt them and they beat him.
Trying not to forget should be easier than this, All the birthdays you've missed, I was only a kid.
The amount of food that I've ate in the past 12 hours
is ridiculous
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