Jerk Quotes

"You said you wouldn't
and you fuc//king did."


immature a$$hole
Boys think that by having a dirty magazine full of naked girls will make them popular well it doesn't ok, it makes you a disgusting jerk!
My phone is being a jerk!! ;-; it won't turn on it keeps freezing ;-;.... WHYYYY
If you are rude to my friends then I have no respect for you
Want to treat me like a game,i'll show you how to play.
 I think that your Crush is called a Crush because it crushes you when you find out hes a total JERK!!!!!!!!!1

Me: *talking about the type of music I like*
Guy: That music is terrible. 
Me: I understand that you're entitled to your own opinion..
Me: But you opinion is wrong...
Me: And for that, you must DIE!
Me: *drops pile of CDs onto his head.*

Don't go fight the other guy I like because you left me.
Sorry, it's not how it works.
There's only one way for me to explain it...

I'm in love with a jerk and I can't stop.
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