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The joke isn't too soon, the tragedy is too late.
~There were these lies you have said multiple times. I didn't want to hear it anymore but wished to every time i saw you. I never thought i'd hear it again and i was okay with it. You said it once more and again..Jokes on me i said it too..~
~I Love You.~
If the joke's on you, experts recommend keeping calm and utilizing the 'trap and roll' mount escape.
'Practical joke' is a redundancy.
“When a sensible quote is adored a lot by many or most people on a person’s INDIVIDUAL social media account, then wondering why it feels usually as if he has either cracked a joke under the guise of a thought or others are just trying to poke fun on him through a deluge of LIKE & COMMENT vote and often both; especially more when the same post has also his own photo on it.”
~Anuj Somany

A joke at one's expense is its own reimbursement.
Hot person walks in:

what my jokes have resorted to~
sister: go buy me poptarts
me: *arrives with thy poptarts*
me: okay so I didn't know what flavors so I got two
sister: strawberry and cherry? I would have just pickes strawberry.
me: well, it's been awhile since you had a cherry so yknow.

I just realized how fucklng depressing my account is.
Credit for this format goes to alpaca prophet
With Great Power
Comes Great Electricity Bill
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